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You brought us the A-bomb and in so many ways you're just like God in the book
So gather the war-monger and Mr. Blix (???)
The time it took, I know just where to look

You came with a song, America
You brought us along, America
We are America
Give us America
Give us America
And Capitol Hill, cause no one else will buy

So now you are scared the arabs will kill for the (???)
Protecting obesity with your white man and every god and diet coke
Who cares? It's all a joke

Saving us yet another time (America)
Earning a buck on every dime (America)
Sick of America
Sick of America
Sick of America
And Capitol Hill moving in for the next kill

If I say I love you...

A simple democracy where every flaw and failure is called a "right"
And you form a freedom based on your income, your color, creed and your choice of gun, but it provides great fun

["We'll be back after this short break"]

You could've been good America (America)
You could've been great America (America)
Land of the brave and free
Whether for you and me
This brave new world is not as new anymore
Each day a new store
Each year a new war
A chosen white ruler born in America

Oh, America

Don't you walk out on me
Just wait a second now
Please hear me out
I'll do my best to love you, yes I will
I know you're out there
Now rise to your old self
Don't let it ruin your reputation
Don't let it wreck your constitution
Not out of fear, not out of greed

You had a good run, America
Your day in the sun, America
The british empire, the roman empire
And also in the end there is a new kid in town
Join in the gun-down
Finding what you found
Treading your worn out ground

Rise to your former glory
Be brave, oh-oh, America

If I say I love you...
If I say I love you...
If I say I love you...
...can you love me too?
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