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Death Screaming And Pain

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A story...
A cold night somewhere
Such a cold night
Hands held in fear
But it's going to be alright
It was a seance
But no one really knew
What they were doing
Or how they were no perform
No one knew why they were here
Tired, played out and scared
Fear numbing the brain
Windows drumming with rain
Shapes forget out of flame
Death, screaming and pain
Don't call on me
I'm not yours to see
You'll feel my power
And you won't be too pleased
I'm called by many names
None of them portray
The hate that's burning in my mind
The havoc I can play
I am the true Lord of Hell
Satan's my name, I'm king
Fears stab into their brains
Windows drumming insane
A candle is guttering flame
Death, screaming and pain
Oh! The candles go dim
A great sound cracks the wall
A voice in hears saying
I'm coming for you all
Come down with me now
I'll give you your desire
But if you do not heed my words
I'll smother you with fire
Nobody followed the sound
They just stayed there and burned
A house that's empty again
Windows still drumming with rain
There's no one to see any flame
There's only death, screaming and pain
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