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Koto Girl

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When she was two
Mama told her what to do
Sit and behave
Don't make a sound now

When she was eight
She had found a different fate
Move in a thing
That's up and down now

When the clock had moved some more
She could open any door she pleased

She's a Koto girl
Playing eighteen string guitar
Been around
All the eastern world
She can't leave now, but her dreams still travel far

Now she is grown
Has a life all of her own
Plays all the time
Just to be seen now

I met her here
Drinking cold ASAHI beer
Or could have been
A grass of tsing tao

I walked up and asked her please
She replied hello in cantonese

She's a Koto Girl
Who knows what she wants to be
Been around
All the eastern world
But hopes someday for a life where she is free

Don't go away
I want to be with you
I tried to say
Come on, let's see it through
But she's got those
Stars in her eyes
Shanghai, goodbye

Signed a major record deal
Now she plays TV shows in high heels

She's a Koto girl
A dream come true superstar
Been around
All the eastern world
But Koto girl wants to climb the billboard charts

She's a Koto girl
Playing eighteen strings guitar
What a sound
Heard around the world this Koto girl (Koto girl)
Has got her strings wrapped around my heart
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