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Oh, please don't go out on me. Don't go on me now.
Never acted up before. Son't go on me now.
I swear I never took it for granted. Just thought of it now.
Suppose I abused you. Just passing it on.
Go, fuck.
Once fastened, servile, now your getting sharp.
Moving oh so swiftly with such disarm.
I pulled the covers over him shoulda' pulled the alarm.
Turned to my nemesis. A fool no fucking god.
No, time... Suck, my... Please...
Don't go on me.
Please... Nooh.
Suck, blood.... Touch, please... Tunnel vision. Tuck... Time.... See...
Please, please, please...
Don't go on me.
Please... Don't you want me? Don't go on me.
Please don't go on me.
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