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Speak To The Sky

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Matthew 7:7-8, Psalms 86:7
Words & Music by Bob Hartman
In a corner with no windows - no apparent way to go
No escape hatch, must be some catch
Must be something you don't know
Look down, look around, all your hopes are sinking deep into the ground
Look up through the night, S.O.S. is gonna make it to the light when you
Speak to the sky and wait for the answer
Someone will be there to take your call
Though you may be at the brink of disaster
Speak to the sky and you never will fall
When temptation will surround you
Enemy is closing fast
Fight insistence with resistance
You can know that it won't last
Look out, look around, cryin' out but no one seems to hear a sound
Look into your heart, help is on the way before you even start to
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