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Followed By The Moon

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You should have listened
to the masters of your mind
they tell you stories
that can twist you up inside
the only circumstance
that keeps it moving on
has taken all your strength
how could you be so wrong

There's a longing,
and deep inside. It's justified
and you're clos enough,so hold out your hand

All the stars above your head
driving you to be mislead
Followed by the moon to guide the way
walk beneath a painted sky
tears and raindrops flood your eyes
Followed by the moon to guide the way
to guide the way.

Like all the stages of the childish masquerade
Like all the seasons
they can never be the same
let it take you back
to the place you new before
a lot of pain inside but it shouldn't hurt no more

There's a longing
and a deep inside it's justified
and you're close enough,
so hold out your hand


You should have listened
now you're mislead
into submission
it's all in your head
it's all in your head
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