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Me Can't Stand You

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Me can't stand You

Peter Opet/Peter Opet

Dem cut up rough, cut up rough, Dem cut up rough
Fe dim slackness Nuttin´ nah go right

Why you Fe galang so? Mek we make foundation
For all da people of love and respect
I expectation is I & I salvation
With no perspective for bwoys with picky head

Dem karma ou
Is ina big choble, it looks very bad bad
Dem karma oou
Has no chance when da bwoys don’t wanna stop

Da simplest way behind da mic is fight da Babylon system
Against da isms and skisms and polytricksters to be resisting
Wha eve no see, heart no leap
Then da system tek da time an mine dem bruk
What punishment do you think might be appropriate ?
Mek we eliminate dem too red eye
Black breddas praying for day to land African holy Zion
White breddas have da own dreams bout da mankind destination

Hey boneheads mi message fi Yu is :
Me can´t stand Yu, Me sistas can´t stand Yu, Me breddas can´t stand Yu,
Me parents can´t stand Yu, yah no see it ?
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