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Perfect Four

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chalked out visioned dreams drawn out by tiny prophet hands
yet worn out by time shows the problem that I am
roadside clover patch searching for the luck I lack
catch my eye as I untwine only to find three smiling back
simply to be
clear to see

the cement is spreading wide as the flowers push on through causing webs of cracks to spread
what can a mother do
residues of greens and blues smeared by the feet of day
a child's work a friendly wash down to dull flat grays

simply to be
clear to see

I know I don't know much but I stand without a crutch
shiny shards of broken glass lay down like a promise in the grass
found the perfect four it takes awhile
you used to smile you used to smile

come on fortune fish define come and curl up in my hand
as the tapestry that's weaved confirms up all my plans
reading out the years into the rings of grain
now a stump once a tree on which we carved our names
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