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Happy Cow Farm Family

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you are going forward now
but I can't seem to go some how
I live underground
I sleep on the floor
I wake up thinking some one knocked me down
money makes you forget now
contented as a pregnant cow
a glow on your face
a clock in your womb
I can turn my pockets inside out
please sit down
sit and stay
watch the rainstorm miles away
I'm glad you came
I've said that twice
but I don't always mean the things I sometimes say
you're not truthful
you're not chaste
you stayed over Yea that's great
you never could wait for long
I tried to redraw what you erased

happily on greener laws
happy cow farm family

you get out of my house
we can't make up
we can't make out
bend my finger back until it feels like the last time I kissed your mouth
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