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Beginning Endlessly

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Nevermind the bird feed honey, just tell me your name
You wont have that long if I get my way in this game
My reputation precedes me, call it claim to fame
They know me around the world, you want me just the same

Why should you be satisfied with just heaven and earth?
When if you look around there's so much more to the universe
Maybe every shining star, is just another part
If you and I could ever open up our dirty hearts

(Oh! Open up baby. Oh. Hey-hey ...)


All of us in minerals and chemicals of space
You cary within your womb, that's how we got to this place
This might be a bit serious, but if it turns you on
Come with me now let's get nice till serious is gone


(Oh! Come on! Oh! Oh. Get nice.)

Love is much to small a word for what you feel for me
If you ever let me explore your anatomy
You and I lost in each other prisoners let free
Come on Darlin' let's get down beginning endlessly

(Uh uh. Let's get down! Uh uh. Beginning endlessly
Uh uh. Let's get down! Whooh!)

Come on! You see that I want ya. Ooh wee!
Come on! Can't you see that I want ya. Feel me now!

History is full of praise for another's history
More and more than the one that became before both u and me
Left alone with our devices, whatever will be will be

A brand new story in the making beginning endlessly


Love is much to small a word,for what you feel for me
(Feel for me)
If ever you you let me be, let me be your man
Ooh baby! Understand. I wanna I wanna be your man
(Get on down!)
(Come on!)
(Ah, ah-ah)
(Come on! Come on!)
(Ah, ah-ah)
(Oh! Oh!)
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