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Odd Man Out

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Stuck in a rut of a depression
Putting every emotion to the test
Infatuation, obsession
It's making you feel like you're the best
Well, I for one, another person
Who never connected with a crowd
My isolation is crucial
In making myself feel proud
Remember what dad told you
"Don't believe the lies"
"They'll cultivate and mold you
Right before your eyes"
It's just the same old song with the same old dance
I kicked it live when you still shit your pants
Stuck to my guns
That's what life's about
When the ship rolled in it left this
Odd man out
Isn't it cool to be the captain ?
Isn't it nice to be the king ?
How can you smile in a heartbeat
Amidst the pain and suffering
It's never too late to learn a lesson
Like never go down without a fight
Make positive out of the negative
By keeping your karma insight
It ain't about where you come from
It's about where you've been
When you were all that and then some
The vultures sucked you in
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