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this is the moment when i was conceived.
this was the temperature when i was born.
this is the night i caught a fatal illness.
this is the method by which i was cured.
this is the garden where we were once wed.
this is the bed we slept side by side.
inside the capital we spent our lifetimes.
this is the moment in which i died softly, sweetly, silent without distress or pain.
this is the temp er a ture of my last breath.
this is the tenderness that took my life.
for endless summers we loved tirelessly.
in endless fever we walked side by side.
this is the rhythm and the sound that saved me, each restless corner of a life transformed.
this is the silence of a crippled childhood. this is the moment when i was born slowly, harshly, violently, joyfully aware.
deep in the kingdom is where i'll be, safe in the nation's custody.
burn down the house to get inside where we reside.
this is the kingdom of crashing cymbals. oohhh!
this is the nation where this song was born. oohhh!
this is the house, with burned out windows oohhh!
this was the moment, when every single music was born oohhh!
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