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Freeway Flyer

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I'm a freeway flyer and I'm down the open road. I keep on gettin' high, wonderin' how high can one man go?
Well, I'm a dangerous stranger, I'm a psychedelic ranger,
Now there's no place that I can't go, no no no, baby, no no no.
I'm a freeway wrestler, I keep it to the floor,
I'm an old guitar hassler, and I can always pick my way back home anywhere,
Well, I'm a six-string rangler, I'm a twelve string strangler,
And there's no place I can't go, no no no, babe, no no no.
I'm a little girl pleaser, I always get my way,
I'm an old sweet thing teaser, I'm gonna die and go to Hell some day,
Well, I'm a meat grinder, I'm a sweet spot finder, got a roll that the bank can't cash


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