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Shady Grove

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I used to walk on the city streets
Now I wander far and wide
And I never found my happiness
Until I moved to the country-side
Now follow me for a quiet day
Out riding on the trails
Waitin Smog, Traffic Bomb
Where all the pigs and tales

I'm in shady grove
Shady Grove my Honey
Shady grove my true love
I'm bound for Shady Grove

If you've been watching the city streets
Can't seem to get much greener
Then I know where we're going to
Our heads will feel much cleaner

It's Shady Grove my true love
Shady Gove myHoney
Shady Grove my true love
I'm bound for Shady Grove

It's easy to know who you are
When you're living with the trees
I'm in Shady Grove
Shady Grove, where it's always clean ???


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