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Gun Control

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357 or sawed off shotgun
You've got a right to choose your weapon
Outlaw guns, only outlaws'll have 'em
While I can, I'm gonna go and get me some

Want me to give up my gun?
You gotta pry it from my cold dead hand
Want me to give up my weapon?
Ya better be a better shot than I am

Gun control means hitting your target
Fuck with me, lets see how far you get
This is the time, this is the hour
For peace through superior fire power

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge:]</i> Guns dont kill people, I do! <i>[4x]

I've got my sixpack and my trusty handgun
Waiting around for world war three to come
Gotta have protection out on the freeway
The person with the biggest gun has got the right of way

[Repeat chorus 2x]
[Repeat second verse]
[Repeat bridge]


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