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Hit It Mornin

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(feat. Twista, Do Or Die)

Ladies, it's ya boyfriend, I hope ya'll like to do it, like I like to do it


Til' the sun comes up, yo can I hit it til' the mornin'
I'll be sexin' you up, until the sun goes down
We ride, get high, hit clubs, we ball, we bad [2x]


Whatchu know about the Mobster Elites, Crucial Conflict and dem Do or Die flows
Whatchu know about Kellz & Twist- two multi-platinum artists steppin'out the suicide doors
I ain't claimin' the crown or the throne, but I know I'm Chi-town to the bone
Come and have a round of Patron and get down to the song while I tell you bout the ground I be on- Chicago
Tell a girl about K-town and the projects, downtown and all these places
Caught her starin' at the ice in my ear, she almost fainted when she saw these glaciers
Feel the words when I spit em in the mic, First I gotta get up with the mob in the light
Rollin' 40 deep to the club and I'm like, gotta see what I'm bout to fuck tonight
The party so live, and I'm bout to set it off for the 0-5
It's all good but I got the 4-5, and I found me a down ass hoe to ride
and she got a fat ol' ass that'll brighten up the room
Come let a West Side Nigga slide this dick off in yo womb, Uh huh
Put the dial on her booty make her lively, most likely, she think imma make her wifey
Got her hooked like nightly, she wanna bite me, when I come up in the room in a White-Tee
Presidential Suite, wit some drank and some kush about to get em on
After dis one night, Imma be the one you call, when you wanna get a hit until the early mon...pimp on



Hoppin' out the fattest cars that money can buy (can buy)
Chick on my side (on my side)
Step off up in the club, 708 reppin' the Chi (Chi)
I'm at the bar talkin to this chic sippin on that magic potion
Tryna get her to let me dive off in that ass like it's an ocean
(rub her down) with some heated lotion
(and now)got honey soakin'
(she's ready) for the pipe
(fuckin' wit) her emotions
Wanna show you what a true playa's like, you would swear you was in paradise
Wanna turn that ass over and ride, good-bye to them other guys
Girl if you ride out wit me I promise you won't regret it
I shoot hoop and so you know this boy is real athletic
You want me to go down on you baby don't even sweat it
Just pass the Remy to me and watch me get real nasty
R's gonna give it to you how you like it, I'll be bumpin' on dat



Yo Kellz, take another sip, den another trip buy another fifth (now another bad bitch want me)
Grab another clip, hit it like the trip, represent the pimps (still a lot of platinum on me)
Sit back relax and watch her ride on me, get up in the morning do the same to her homie
Chuuch right here, muthafucka can't clone me
Louis Vitton, Gucci and Prada, hit it from the back and make her girlfriend holla
Pimperish but he walk like a schola, Stack the paper like the almighty dolla
Imma make it do, what it do you dig?


Well it gotta be (hoes) gotta be (dog) gotta be (dro) gotta be (well) gotta be (club) gotta be (shy) gotta be (long) gotta be (dance)
I was out West at the circle when I met this woman
She was dark-skinned had a shape like a mountain so I know she ain't fryin
Put that ass in the back of the jeep and I know she's comin
Says Belo when her toes curl up when I know she's cummin
They supposed to be cummin
I can give you what you want like some dick for days
Belo be a nimfo girl, and I can kiss you where you wanna sex you 3-4 ways
Like ya lips, cheeks, arms, back, middle place
but I gotta stay true cuz I'm a realist so I gets paid
Do or Die and Kell

[Chorus 2x]
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