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It'll be O.K. with the next one
I always end up on a leash up having no fun
Yeah, I'm always stuck
Feel like getting up now
Make it understood, crazy
And it means getting down

I'm so tired and bored of the Mr. Nice Guy
Treats me well, but "stiff" if the word on my mind

So send me in the fools
Throw away the heroes
I need some excitement here tonight
Send me in the fools
I'm startin' up the party
I make wakin' up wanna feel the vibe

What I need is something
That's not against the law
It just fit in space and
Baby I'm bored, I'm bored of the feelin'
That safe, easy touch
Need a man to get my
engine started up

Don't change - too lame, that don't make my kind of man
Find a wild side somewhere and maybe we can


Get me off this one-way road I'm goin' down
All I feel like now is
Havin' some fun

[Chorus x3]
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