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Heart To Heart

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Fuck that shit Raekwon
Do that shit
Fuck them niggas...

Whats up playboy
Nigga, you doing you're thing
Nigga, go ahead

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Yeah, them fake duels
Any real niggas baby make moves
Pay dues, bitches who relate rock shoes yo
Damn, them niggas stay frontin
Tryin' to hollywoodize the realness
But ain't sayin nothin

Yo, bagel material, contact Merial kid
She sling cell weight, bust gun material
Fast like splash and rice, stash you're wife
Curry, chicken, and bitches crime on my right
I'm marvelous extra large
Threw y'all faggot niggas in the game
and now y'all niggas ain't feelin ours
Love is a message from my family
Cream Team Incorporated, Wu-Tang Clan is what you plan to be
Oh yeah, ladies in here, say yeah
Do it like yeah, starvin niggas fake rocks in they ears
Black down hat with the beak up, unique what
You need to stop wilin, the fam won't speak up
Toast, the most official niggas on post
Yellin out "how ya nigga Ghost," rich he supposed
Now I'm just talkin this one
Don't make me diss one paw
Its all about enterprisin and get rich son
Steal a nigga yo, collect currency yo
Could lock a bank up, IRS can suck dick straight up
Had dosche, oil of olay, play nigga lay
??? a cheap shit, crush them niggas like clay
Van Damn hammers, 2000 Jaguar, cameras
The little shit, seeing what you're plan was
Made y'all niggas go platinum
I made y'all niggas flow happen
Lets battle for cash captain
Remember, the cold giant on the set
Lyin on you're dick, play for real take it care of'ya ex
Thats right I'm hungry, this go out to y'all alumni
Faggot niggas dead wrong
Yeah, I'm player hatin, waitin
The culture of this nation
You lay Bay Boy since '88, stop leanin on me
Turnin iceberg money into laundry
Been taught a whole country
This technician bash opponents
Flow is llike Ronin, the movie
My gun blew your store up
Allah you our god, translating peace to the god
Lewis Rich slash signatures on the credit card
Me, Bird, Binkie, Santana, bad with the hammer
My dun power through a hundred grand up
Words from the Martin Luther King version
We burn versus then send 'em out Fed Ex, fast service


The tailor made king of New York
Designer walk, Prince of Wales
Hundred sales stock broke and hotels
Playa hyply, them niggas dislikin me
Challenge my style politely, thats like fightin whitey
Here we go again lord, climb aboard
Stevie Wonder award
From here to UK, movin on your broad
Speak through Ninex, go ahead and rhyme next dun
Runnin up on nine vets, minds rep, we run your projects
All greenery on, see on lights, movin like Deion
The eagle on plus scream on all y'all bitches
The Blair Witch rich nigga vision, comprehension
Listen, its called slang optimism
Connect dots, niggas is large you can't see us
Y'all select cops, screamin niggas bars on your drops yo
Damn, what the world became of
A nigga buy a chain and he think he a thug
Here drink a slug (*ppppsssshhhh*)
Major niggas call it, y'all niggas is like a bar
I'm the war wick paw, straight up assorted
Yo, just a bark from the tree of life
Niggas ain't eatin right
Give 'em a taste and let 'em see the light

[Chorus: x3]

Ain't sayin nothin
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