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I'm not payin 140 for them (size 8 and a half)
I'm tellin you I'm only payin 90
(that's what you keep spendin your money on)
That's for real

[Verse 1]
Ayo, ayo
Who wear it all I'm an addidas freak
Multi thousand pair of sneak freak
Real fly physique that'll look yea, fat watch, live footwear
Have the white folks displaying my gear
C'mon son let's keep it movin right footwear, check out my book yea
Stop, look, stand and you stuck but don't stick
Come aboard now, we got the Georgetowns, it's on now
So many phat styles, make a kid's head fall out
Yo Filas, those too par I'm supposed to
Always keep it real with the selection, holdin you
Prince black Jordans, K-Swiss gear, remember lottos
Stash mad bottles, in the fence ooh the odora
Anita place me your order, slow your speed down
Buyin food for your daughter
Stan Smiths, handlin whips, grapple pits, travel fox yo
Ready to cop more shit

[CHORUS x2:]
[various scratches that refer to sneakers]

[Verse 2]
Fly royals, got love for a ?member a six?, we do the basics
Stood out, slide em on, taste it wild lace in these
Ciconi's and ponies, Spa built mix wit ??
Keep it real, heav set, head set, intellect set
Black Mutombos, Columbo on the set, internet
Plus Pumas and Patricks infrarensics, switch up the black shit
Green Araccis, unattached shit, 575 blue bals, blue bals
Bo Jacksons gray and black, ready to throw my hands flashin
Ewings, Barkleys, Lex use an entertainer, forget Air Cross Trainer
Free container, Polos, Mark 5s and the leases, the fly pieces
Shit be on the back mad features
Hoyas, caught ?? in the tonic, feeling bionic
Design it with my fly garments, what up

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