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Year Of Tha Boomerang

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Tha sistas are in so check tha front line
It seems I spent the '80s in a Haiti state of
Cast me into classes for electro shock
Straight incarcerated, the curriculum a cell
I'm swimming in half thruts and it makes me
Wanna spit
Instructor come separate the healthy form tha
Ya weigh me on a scale I'm smellin'
Burnt skin
It's dark now in Dachau and I'm screamin' from
'Cause I'm cell locked in tha doctrines of tha
Enslaved by dogma, ya talk about my birthrights
Yet at every turn I'm runnin' into
Hells gates
So I grip tha connan like fanon an pass tha
Shells to my classmates
'Cause tha bosses right ta live is mine ta die
So I'm goin' out heavy sorta like mount tai
Wit tha five centuries of penitentiary so let
Tha guilty hang
In tha year of tha boomerang
I got no prosperity but yo I'm a piece of it
So let tha guilty hang
In tha year of tha boomerang
And now it's upon you
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