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The Key Is Turned For The Seventh Time

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Eternal winters, frost nights will freeze blood
And make human statues cold
The stars shine so clear in a formation which
Scares tells that death is near

Something malicious and vengeful is out there
It must be as the wise man told
Worse than any plague do this occurence waste
All life and the creation of the world

It must be our master's work
The christian rules are gone
Demonic powers of evil come
Spirits doomed by christ

All his hated for us to come
The destruction of the christian world
The stars forms a laughing face in space
He laughs his scornful laughter while he does what
He request and his desire says

A destruction of world and a new and different dawn
Demons glows in the sky
Burning angels are left to die
The key is turned for the seventh time

The door number triple six is opened
Hail O' Master Satan
O'mighty the throne is yours
A satanic age, darkness will reign this time

A neverending devildance
Angels choking on air filled of dark spells
They drop their harps and fall in eternity
It's all a cosmic mess, planets cross in
Wrong directions and crashing into each other

This creation has it's final nightmare
Hear the screams of unlimited deaths
As songs of agony
It sounds like the vultures eat the living creatures

Eternal echoes give sound through remains of worlds
When the worlds existed these screams infect the minds
And now they are one with the infection
Every life and soul take place among the stars
As mirrors they send reflections
Of one weakly life on earth

A world of echoes, dead and buried cities
From a time of shame
Gods disciples and their words are just ashes
Among ashes in the atmosphere
Forgotten and buried in a demonic fire
Never to be read again

Something malicious and vengeful it was
It happened as the wise men told
Worse than any plague did this occurance
Waste all life and end the creation of world

A new creation has begun
Darken clouds eclipses the sun
But however strong the world become
Must we watch out for the unknown
Such sides has been shown
But forgotten at the future dawn
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