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Rats In The Hallway

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knock knock
come in
you wanna fight
i'm gonna win
i'll take you out
in a minute
step in my flat
see what's in it

i live in the land of wellfare state
my flat used to be section 8
now it's a rat infested cocaine run
my whole worls plays like a broken drum

drunken bum
yeah yeah yeah
rats in the hallway again

get up get out go ahead and ride away
sit up our bed up your bed to lay
kick up our rip up this place apart
even when i'm finished i'm back
at the start i'm out of line
at adeline st. heat don't keep
the crooked beat 4am
no waves breaking what's left of
the pm the am has taken

drunken bum
yeah yeah yeah
rats in the hallway again

outside my gate my crew is drinking a 40
oz the asked my if there's still rats in the hallway
i said somethings ain't like the weather
they never change for the better
this girl came up to me she said
she would do me no harm
rolled up her sleeve and shoved me
the tracks on her arm
i said what's your name she said Mya
she said Tim, wanna take you higher

junkie drunken
yeah yeah yeah
rats in the hallway again

zombie walking kid out
on his own with no morals
mr.high leaves the body
in comes mr withdrawl
pain is the only thing the body will alow
the kid wants to dance
the gangsters knows how

johnny bought some shit down on market
street shoot up boot up the human target
he hit the dirty spike when he hit the scene
it's easy to stay dirty when
nothing is clean johnny's a writer

who tags up jackel jackel just
clamped on unclampable shackels
rout up shoot up some dope to go
like leagal currancy it's money it's like that
rat tat tat kid got shot point blank
in the back my land lord said
not to be bumming he was on cocaine stoop
and he had it coming he had it coming?
he was only 12 years old he was in the blizzard
he got shot for being cold
it don't seem right tonight hit the lights alright
watch the roaches run into the darkest room

[repeat 2x.]
drunken bum
yeah yeah yeah
rats in the hallway again
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