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Thats What Little Girls Are Made Of

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Its 1993 Introducing
(thats what little girls are made of)
Got the R-To The-A-To The-V-E-N

[Raven Rap:]
Take a big little kid a Dr. Sues mix a tingle ling a boom
A pop queen kid shizam jam little rough suit lil tutu
Gobble zu gobble gobble feel me double hut kid huh uh
Dad who touched the sweets to my twiddle de keep the funky dad
Whos gonna play fact and show & tell gonna have a love so I can call him fairy tale
A love set Raven this is what little girls are made of

Well see I'm rhe rave uh the R-A-V-E-N a star flowin' to the end
Get ya laid back nick knack paddy whack give a dog a mic
And have some candy back roll 'em over roll 'em over bake them in a pan
I'm the little girl who makes ginger bread men do ya understand
Understood who can thank me 4 my kinda of jam show 'em how to duck
Go gotta sing on a swing this is what little girls are made of
Sugar and spice I'm everything nice I got more rhymes Cosby got more shows
Got more nose than humpty got broke got ya on my back hands in my pocket yea

Bling bling diddly dang dang dang
She the little raven 2 letter hook up
Got the source dig up dont make me get down on the funky rhythm
Thats what I get them I take them to the limit

Not trying to dis when I crises cross the crises 3 makes a twist
House of pain JUMP raven gonna PUMP up that beat man
Come and talk to me jojo to see reminisce see like me I'm not the one
One to play leave ya on your back cause this song is a hit can you see what I see
See what I bring if you like a hip hop ring if you like to see me then honey show up
Cause I'm a ball of suga and this is what I'm made of

Thats what little girls are made of [repeat till end]
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