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Hip hoppers

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Yo i'm ready to go, I got rhymes to flow
Pull the plug on my set, and ya still couldn't my show
I get busy, like a bee, check me, R-A-V-E-N Symone rocks microphones like cradles
Gettin dough over the table
I'm STILL young
But my compitition is STILL run
I'm comin' at you with talent, never no still-guns
Little and lovely, too young for Silly Putty
When you mention fly think of me, or when people discuss me, trust me, i'm in it for the long hard
Like Micheal Jackson, my style's off the wall, yah off tha meter, off tha hook, off tha books, those who talk trash they all get shook
So whatchu say
I told you in the remix single, I came to play, so get down with Rae Rae, ah

This is the joint for all the hip hoppers we got the flow you know you can't stop us
This is the joint for all the hip hoppers we got the flow ya know you can't stop us
You gotta love me, love me, love me

Hey, yo, I make dough but don't let the dough make me been in the game since age three, ya'll feel me
A young rapper, maybe the best one yet and i'm just gettin' started I ain't done yet
While ya'll talk about the tend ya gon' spend I remember when I made my first million
Five years old, that's when the bill roll got sold, but never let the c-cash go to full control
Like my in the limo, only my peers were chicks, but now the young fellas smilin' up in my face
But i've got no time for you if you ain't tryin' to expand yo' mind
Young crew check this, now the age ain't about livin' wreckless on a branch i'll still stay connected
All my people's respected cause I can eat dinner with the president
Then come home to the resident's R-A-V-E-N represents


Hey ya'll ya'll what Rae is tryna say we bout to get one more time, gonna free ya mind freaky-freaky-freaky

Now from this point on I continue to storm up the charts and remain in my true friends hearts and stay grounded multi-fabulous and well-rounded I drop hits to get ya'll kids to spell grounded
Yo, I know you see me on the TV shows (true)
Videos (true)
Movies not rated blazin yo' stereos (ooohhhh)
So what the deal, are ya'll with me or what i'll be rippin it up for years so show me love

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