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I Thank You Lord

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It's a hurry up world and my days go flying by
But I don't want to forget to thank you for my life
And in my blindness you give eyes to see
That in my struggle you will fight for me
So from my heart I've got to say

(I thank you Lord) I thank you Father for the gift of your Son
(I thank you Lord) I thank you Jesus for the things you have done
(I thank you Lord) I thank you spirit for the peace that is here in my heart

Long before I was born, I belonged to you alone
You have always been there, I was never on my own
And I feel your presence in my darkest hour
When I am weakest then I know your power
You are the light that shines in me

Nobody cares for me like you
Cuz nobody loves the way you do
You're faithful and true
You saw me drowning and you rescued me
You know I've got to say
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