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Yeah... Brick City [echoes]
Gilla (yo) Gilla

Yo, Brick City, when it comes to grabbin steel
You could post me down low like Shaq O'Neil
You'll be spittin what I spit when the day is over
Tryin to be me in the mirror, sayin it over
Yeah, he's all right, but you not real
I'm a dog, shit I eat the food I steal
Floors ain't dirty enough
My game is like carryin shotguns and 21 rough
Doctor, I'm like the war on drugs
I don't stop, I'm all night vampire blood
Underground {?}, since a kid
I finger-painted in the mud, with dirty work gloves
I'm in yo' college campus corridor
You should call me Uno the way I (Draw Four)
Brick City law, strip to your drawers
Boy now I can pick up two pair from the mall
It's time for Doc to check yo' ass nigga
It ain't hard, it's an EZ Pass nigga
For the paper, I'm offendin neighbors
Runnin my label out an old Winnebago nigga!

[Chorus: Melanie Rutherford]
Ooooooh, shoulda knewwwww
That we gon' briiiiing, that funk to youuuuu
Gilla Houuuuse, is comin throuuuuugh
And what you gonna dooo-oooooh, ahhh

[Redman - over Chorus]
Yeah.. the Brick City dawgs [barking]
Yeah! Holla at your frogs
Yeah, Uptown, Jersey, Brooklyn!

Shhhhhh, Gilla (Gilla) Gilla (Gilla)

Yo, uh-oh, Redman back in your town
You'll get drug nigga like wedding gowns
After 12, whattup to Dogg Pound
I roll out, like my earrings got ball bearings
Give me a Grammy to show my mammy
how I smash these Raggedy Ann and Andy's
I prove that I never left the street
I just knew I had to come back, with extra heat for y'all
B-More, are ya ready? (ready ready)
Colorado, are ya ready? (ready ready)
I'm at your neck like a Doberman mouth
with like 40 muh'fuckers out the covenant house - ya heard?
Gilla House in the circuit
And how we do it on purpose, only way to surface
Def Squad is the foundation
Three dawgs attached to 98 dalmations
(Yeah, where them Gilla niggaz out at night, at night)
You better run 'til you see the light, light
Yo, I know I had you waitin
But Death was chasin me and my eight friends for (Final Destination)


[Redman - over Chorus]
Yeah! Yo E-Dub, this is hot nigga
Yeah.. Brick City, Milwaukee, California
Where ya at?

Okay now, take off your shirt, and relax
Let all your tensions out, just relax (Gilla)
Just relax (Gilla, Gilla, Gilla)
Just relax (Gilla, Gilla, Gilla, Gilla!)

Yo, I keep my ears to the street cause that's my job
But even the streets can steer you wrong
I'm walkin with one man above me
Nuttin on my waist, but if it's on you hearin the palm
You forgot I'm ten years deep, and out them ten years
I got two weeks of sleep, and caffeine free
Amazin right? I got a street team
that'll get paid to snipe, yeah by any means
I'm behind the curtain, my Betty Shabazz
Hope I make it home; I invade alone
Catch you in the truck, babblin on the phone
I miss you, I stick up your chaperones
It's a dirty dog world, say it louder
Every (Friday) I'm bein chased by Craig's father
That's why I'm on the low like pro
And my file is too hi-tech to call next
I got a heart the size of John Q's son
And on the mic, I'm him times two of 'em
Y'all niggaz get your shit together
Cause Gilla House niggaz, prepare for whatever

[Chorus: Melanie Rutherford (Redman)]
Youuuuu, you shoulda knewwwww (yeah)
That we gon' bring, got to that funk to you, to you
Gilla Houuuuse, is comin through
And what you bitch ass niggaz gonna do-do-do-do-do, ohh ohh (yeah)
You and you and you, you shoulda knewwwww (Gilla House nigga!)
That we got to bring, that funk, to you you you
Gilla Houuuuse (yeah) is comin through
Annnnnnd what your crew gonna do-do-do-do-do

[Redman] Gilla House
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