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I didn't hear it walking 'round
I didn't see it pouring down
But now it's wrapped me in its sticky coat and holds me
You've been gone since I don't know when
Still it's returning now and then
And though I always try to beat it, it ignores me
And it makes no sense to run

Ref. Now it's so hard to face reality and go on
It's so hard to make believe there's nothing wrong
Though it might pass just like the rain
A certain scar will still remain
Like the embers of the fire that I have burnt in
Sometimes icy cold and sometimes hot and hurting

The burning doubts and the inborn pride
Keep on fighting deep inside
My world is shrinking like a dusty weeping candle
But I hope that before my eyes
It will return to its normal size
When I come up to the door and turn the handle
And the rain is falling down
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