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Keep Pushin

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I used to be lonely till i learned about livin alone
I found other things to keep my mind on
And i'm gettin to know myself a little bit better
Whoa , i keep pushin on
Keep pushin on, yeah

Goin through all the changes i made so many mistakes, oh yes i did
Tryin to leave behind the heartaches
And sometimes i think i was a little bit crazy, oh yeah
Whoa, i keep pushin on

Keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin on
Keep pushin, keep pushin, you know you have got to be so strong
Keep pushin, keep pushin, well even if you think your strength is gone
Keep pushin on


Well it's comin together i finally feel like a man, oh yes i do
I never thought that i'd be where i am, oh
Everyday i wake a little bit higher
Whoa i keep pushin on, oh yeah
(repeat chorus)
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