Texty písní Rhapsody Of Fire The Cold Embrace of Fear Act I: The Pass Of Nair-kaan

Act I: The Pass Of Nair-kaan

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[Walking into a tempest of ice]

Khaas: Where are we Iras?
Iras: Near to the doorway of hell...
Dargor: Can you... can you see?
Tarish: No, but we must press on... What is that?
Khaas: Howling... It's coming from everywhere!
Iras: Naroth... Run!

[Running fast, chased by the Naroth, they face the avalanche]

All together: What's that? The ground...!
Khaas: It's an avalanche!
Tarish: No, hold on! Help me!

Dargor: Are there any injured? Are you well, my friend?
Iras: Yes...
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