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14th Street

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You've got my lost brother's soul
My dear mother's eyes,
A brown horse's mane
and my uncle's name
You walked me down 14th Street
For the doctor to meet after thoughts of the grave
In the home of the brave and the weak

But why'd you have to break all my heart?
Couldn't you have saved a little bit of it?
Why'd you have to break all my heart?
Couldn't you have saved a minor part?

I could've clipped and saved and planted in the garden
Damn you, guess I'll have to get a new one

I'd love to sit and watch you drink
With the reins to the world, gripping a smoke
Vaguely missing link
Don't ever change, you hungry little bashful hound
I got the sheep, poor little Bo Peep
has lost and filed for grounds,


I could have ripped apart and thrown into the river
Wonder if there's hearts that will deliver

Don't ever change, don't ever worry
because I'm coming back home tomorrow
to 14th Street where I won't hurry
And where I'll learn to save and not just borrow
And there'll be rainbows, and we'll finally know...

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