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Creeping In

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Word of wickedness is pollution,
Word of sin that is death.
Word of negativity is ungodliness.
And mankind, what do we got coming next?
Well in a world rewarding competition,
Ideology of capitalism
I never heard the voice of compassion
Instead our life consists of criticism.

They're creeping in
Negativity woe, Jah seen them
And we never let them win

Why can't we just love now for one another,
And help with intentions of love?
And with our word, we must grow our brother,
And positive days gonna come.
Too many youth get confused by the system,
Thinking it's man versus man.
We need nice times and InI find
High vibes when smiles command.


Who is your role model gangsta and prosecuter,
Our president convicted drunk driver.
Role model is military, all
So mercenary, and we're
Supposed to respect them
When they are lost already
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