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Time Come Due

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[Verse 1:]
Well I won't fear my judgment day
But rather to put things in place that need to
Be there, so I can prevail.
And in a jail, there the time won't wait
So I pray that in my doings and sayings,
Jah gonna keep me safe.
Never give me more that I can bear
And in knowing this InI must always be clear.
No anger, or frustrations, or fear.
I may have it hard, but there are so many
Who have it harder, far and near, and I know.

Tell me what you gonna do
When (before) all of your time's due
When a weapon of war drew
What we gonna do? What are we going to do?

[Verse 2:]
Wake up now people, we live in
A system that keep us unequal
And the education we receive's falsified
How am I to believe what I hear when
What I heard, I know was a lie.
And, the idea they been planting, with me,
You're not getting reaction you wanted.
The world is alive, man I represent
All mankind. My time is limited
On this earth I find.


[Verse 3:]
Don't go counting your days,
You think you have until the end.
'Cause, now when it come,
It won't follow your plan
Live life for today,
And reap tomorrow
Better yourself, respect yourself,
Mt. Zion will follow
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