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Love I fell every day
When the sun comes out
Catch the rise of light
Keeping them inside for another one
Pulsing through my vains
Smashing away all the grief
New love came up from the remains
Of the shelfed dreams I used to be
I can't help it - born again
At sunset by grasses of green
I'm free again
Pulsing liquid wrapping
Wrapping me up from my heart
Bells - ringing in my head
Birds - singing on my mind
Love I fell every day
When the sun goes down
Happy dancing clown
Letting it all out, I'm the only one
Listen to my prophecy
My feeling ruled my mind
It's just a game of nature of lazy
loving kind
I love, also I love
I turned my back on all
I'm not gonna return, listen
I want to sing to everyone
How it feels to be in love

Finally alive
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