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If you seek pleasure in pain and comfort in the rain and having an open heart
And you can't sit through a class, you're head is half up in the clouds
Half up your ass
If dark days and bright nights make your world turn
Throw a finger up, light it up and let it burn
You may be lonely but you're not alone
If your tears come out like kidney stones
Stand up proud
We're screaming even if its not out loud
Complicate the world
We're an army of Cusack boys and Molly Ringwald girls
You don't speak words you exhale them
Keep them locked inside, you fail them
Old habits die hard, but there corpses always stay to haunt you
When starlight burns bright in the black sky
We'll be driving out, screaming towards the overpass
Rocking in, rocking out to the radio
Roll your windows down
Bump that Manilow
In every school in every home there is another sap like you
We're in the park looking up at the stars with nothing else to do
One day you'll me another one and you'll kicked out of our club; we never win in love
And we are the one who never see why growing up has got to be like war
Its touchy feely but its true: there's a loser in the same position
Standing next to you
Starlight burns bright in the black sky
We do what we want.
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