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Resistance now

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Mobilise and motivate,your body is the grain that tips the scale of hate's accumulated weight
Your mind is a gate, brutal regimes we will not tolerate
Question the given line, stay independent; little by little the flows gain momentum
Picture the place, the potential awaits, free from the shackles of nation states
Free from the hate, free from the herd and its mewling for blood
Because what we need is: Resistance now
Resistance against war and the blood that flowed upon the earth and occupation of all lands
Security for every human and humanity within religion
On se mobilise et en plus on resiste toute les aggressions et actions fascistes
Contre les pouvoirs qui veut controler notre destinie, j'oublirai jamais
(translation: we mobilise and we resist every aggression and
fascist action against the powers that would control our
This is operation cyclone in your own home, strong counter action 'cause their methods are known
Censorship by omission, polish a lie 'til it gleams and bring the riddle to fruition
H is for history's Moebius strip, turning full cycle for others to witness the shift
Those who resist strong in your midst
Ever equipped and we'll never forget this: Resistance Now
Use your head as your defence, pushing only weakens and prevents you from acting on the thrust of the action that you must, against the power that you thought you trusted and their sentiments are thus
It's all pointing inwards, the action is employed; it's all pointing inwards, the action employed
Desert storms tear at your skin,this is the fear that you've been feeling,and your reasons are not unreasonable, this is a crisis, ask yourself who you are, how small
Resistance Now
You live your life in tacit silence, feel this is not your crime, gaze down
Until the noose is tightened around your neck, gun levelled at your eyes, where now? Don't you lie down and die
Your voice holds the key to your society expose the ones who want to fuck it up for you and me
No more of settling for what they feed the time has come to put the pressure up against the greed (repeat)
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