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Silent By

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Theres a form in the path, bloated seed that you cast

it distracts as it breathes, from the cracks that it leaves

gorgon screens, time congeals round the mind

till i'm sealed, like a fly trapped in grease

losing limbs, a metaphore for your land locked dreams

a cross hung, in dead air

your gelatinous words will not penetrate there.

Your consent is just a fiction manufactured to the letter

protected from yourself by someone who knows better

fate keepers, in constipated linear structures

each puppet works a puppet, think you can ever stop it?

Crystalised my mouth dries, the gap yawns to the size

of impossible loss and i'm fully transported and

standing at the ice hacking at the surface,

forms loom beneath it a well that holds a timeless secret.

I wont sit silent by.

Don't you secretly sigh for

a way to bridge the dark and endless spaces

the void left by apathy and sucking need?

If each atom touches to every other

i'll generate send the wave riding out.

I am not buying; you are trying my patience

Invest my mind in a sounder kind of gold

The yolk nourishing, here within lies a stronger hold

Bolder words unfolding a cooler, older, absurder version

I won’t be casting any worthless aspersions

You took my name and number from a gift list

Insist this is the cheapest, latest

Fortunes are attached, no risks asterisked

I am a seed carried high across the sky of infinite life

If I get stripped of my wings

I will be dropping headlong at a world so gone

Sponsored by, fixed the score

Blame who induced, introduced this meglomanic war

No cure-all preparation for a fundamental human flaw

And we still want more

A million gobs, all teeth, grief and screaming

Faceless tantrum, repressed fury becomes

Dead and doldrum

I cannot centre; I’m hell-bent and burning

Open and undone expose the empty answers, someone

I wont sit silent by.

this war is bloodless and silent

relentlessly tightened

majesticaly subtle

adjusting the totals

my reason and purpose

my body is worthless

aware as if heightened

the subtext is fat

a gobfull of grease

and they like it like that

but im alive underneath

a kind of firewheel centre says

"the lies are obese"

I wont sit silent by.

this aint kansas

i recognise you

i think i can taste blood

i cant feel my legs
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