Texty písní Sepultura Dante XXI Buried Words

Buried Words

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It started with lessions with ho I should hate
Listening to everything spoken to me
No there is a chance that you were just using me
Innocents turned to see your way of life
Its ripping through me everyday
My head keep spinning with the shit that you said
You even had me get down on my knees
Praying for something that I never believed

Your words are dead, I buried them, there dead

Living with promises that couldn't be kept,
but I wasn't convinced
Many things you didn't want me to see,
now I'm standing in disbelief
Different voices speaking of you
Planting darkness in the hearts of men,
you never thought it would come back again

Your words, are dead. I buried them, there dead

Your not the king of the world
You let your ego get the best of you
Your not the king of my world
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