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Say Goodbye To The Morning

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All alone and standing in the rain
early mornings whispering my name
seems so distant and cannot reach me now
flying high above you
I bring to you this word
for your love, for your life, for your song
Look around and see them fall to pray
troubled waters carry you away
and your memories say goodbye

We're not alone not alone looking down seeing all of us
screaming out in anger when they come, when they come

all along this empty lonely road____ Oh they have seen
you cried a thousand times____ what's to be
you wept to us ____what's a part of us
stalking out the winter's bitter cold

all alone, do you want me____for the fire
to be near you____in the night
as you wonder you must never____we are lost
walk alone____without light

You believe that time passes us by
fate alone will blow it all sky high
I've been torn into a world you don't believe
and I've seen souls that I once knew chained in burning steel
and I do not think they'll ever sing again
realize you're running out of time
my hand of fate is reaching out tonight
but I'll be going soon, going on my way
I know you want to some along with me
hand in hand we'll walk and never turn the road is open all the way
Say goodbye to the morning
say goodbye to the morning
say goodbye to the morning

Sy goodbye to the morning or rely on this warning
It's not over when you die so look out
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