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The Dance Of Fools

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Sometimes I've got a world on my shoulders
that cast long shadows cross my eyes
where traced out footsteps on the shores
of the sea of sorrow
reflect the changes in my life

Holding out in a darkened room
long before the fall of rain shall come
listen to me
for the last time that I was tempted to the dance of fools
closer to me
I crawled away a loser

I never knew it meant so much to hold a place of power
where only dreaming sets you free
I never thought that you could hold me so completely
you tore off my mask and I could see

All the people in the street
double crossed by their own lives
bring them to me
I want to take them to a new tomorrow of yesteryear
call them to me
let us live forever on

Tonight I shall cast a stone into the sea of sorrow
Its waves they crash beneath my feet
sorrow binds you to a life not worth living
unto that mortal life you cling

Stripped of all your earthly pride with the fools you dance
come unto me
send with great speed this message all across the land
listen to me
let us live forever on

Listen to me
tonight I turn my face
from the dance of fools
closer to me
I live to carry on my way
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