Texty písní Silentium Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence At the Cabin

At the Cabin

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Hickson: You both all right?

Prudence: Yes Hickson. Thank you. You may leave us now. My carriage will take you back to town

Hickson: I' d better get going then. Good nite sir. Good nite miss.

Prudence: Now then, feeling any better hmh?

Antracon/Scoria: We are there when you dance with the shadows. We are there when you mock the

mirror. We are there when you spread your legs...

Prudence: What...my god what has happened to you

Antracon/Scoria: I shall claim your soul. Every whore shall burn... Every whore shall burn every...

Prudence: Any better now that you've bathed clean from that filthy sour stench? What happened to
you? Nobody knew where you vanished after providence anchored in southampton. I was worried sick.

Antracon: Where am I? Prudence?

Prudence: Come here and hold me

Antracon: Prudence, I've seen a terrible dream. An endless nightmare...murderings and...i
can't...was it a dream

Prudence: Were together now everything will be well again, I heard such terrible rumours of you.
Especially from count Tenheim.

Antracon: Count Tenheim? The noble count himself?

Prudence: What's wrong my love?

Antracon/Scoria: Every whore shall burn!

Prudence: No, Antracon. No...

Antracon/Scoria: Their eyes so hollow so hollow.
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