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Give It Time

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Another moment,
Just like the moment before..
You count the hours,
And wonder, can you take anymore?
You close your eyes...
And suddenly you're dreamin..
But you can't hide...
From the loneliness you're feelin..

If you ever wonder when
You will ever love again,
Give it time.. (Give it time)
When your heart aches,
All that it takes is time..
No hurry, don't worry
You can have all
You're hopin to find..
Our love will come back to you,
If you give it time..

Outside it's rainin,
Feels like it's raining for you..
Oh-oh, the radio is playin
One more love song for two...
You close your eyes...
And fall into a memory..
(And fantasize...)
And fantasize...
Will you always be alone?..


Sometimes everything you need
Is right before your eyes..


Let it come back to you...
Love will come back to you..
If you give it (time......)
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