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July 16-22, 1916 – six days of the desperate
July battles on an open field at the same
surroundings of the March battles near Ķekava.
1st, 6th and 7th Latvian battalions made for
a battle together with Russian units.

Hot sun of July
Still shines bright
Over the forests and meadows
Where soon in mad assault
Latvian Riflemen will rush

The quiet river Iecava
Still clear flow your water
But soon it will be painted
By the red colour of blood

The light evening wind
Still shakes the leaves of birch trees
Soon under the bare stems of those
The soldiers' graves will be dug

The bright eyes of mine
Still gladly watch this world
But deep inside dark voice whispers-
Soon you must close them for ever

Gray and rainy comes July 16th
Still silence is here, but then at once
Hell will break loose and blood will start flow
For many dreams and hopes the end will come
When mowers of death start mince human bodies

But forward now, no more time for thoughts
Like madman you run over the meadow
Bullets whine all around, the Earth shakes and swings
And falling beside you one calls for his mother

The world spins around with howling
Steel rain is falling from the sky
Mud, trees and soil are flying
And human limbs along with them

In daylight upon an open field
Through barbed wires and machine guns
Under the fire of shrapnels and grenades
The run of Riflemen begins

Assault full of rage
Not to be stooped, yet finally useless
Six days and nights long madness
For one reason only -
To see their own land free
Let hundreds and thousands can live there in peace!
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