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Slim Thug - "Miss Mary"

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I love ya Miss Mary
I love ya Miss Mary
I love ya Miss Mary
This ain't a love song
This a thug song

[Verse - 1]
I'm so in love with you Miss Mary (Miss Mary!)
I can't picture my life without you cause it gets scary (Gets scary!)
When I'm down I need you around in a hurry (In a hurry!)
And calm me down from my hard times and my worries (Miss Mary!)
I'll hold you close to me late at night
Face to face we meet and greet and everythangs iight
Ya nothing less then a dime when you in my sight
And through the dark days you know how to bring the light
I remember the first time I kissed ya
My first experience with love is when I finally hit ya
And I'm a thug but fuck it I ain't gon lie I miss ya
I wanna spend everyday of the rest of my life with ya
We break up to make up but we can't stay apart (No!)
It feel like forever when we spend a day apart (Fa show!)
So begging you to come back as I play my part (Oh!)
It's a shame how you just had your way with my heart
I love ya Miss Mary

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse - 2]
And when we out in crowds, I still hold you like im proud
You make me feel like I'm in heavin walking on clouds
You stay fresh new tags I keep you with new bags
You make a nigga feel good I can't help but brag
And I know my so called friends trinna hit you whyle im gone
Play with you whyle Im gone, split you whyle Im gone
But you always stay faithfull cause this is ya home
And you know your man, I never treat you wrong
And my moms gets pissed off when I bring you around
She always hit us with, " Ya'll get up out my house right now! "
If she only knew how I was shacked up back when I was a kid
And how late nights I was sneaky went in and out of the crib
To my nose your scent is just as sweet as a rose
I wasn't impressed by them others so you the one I chose
To roll with, settle down and go with
I love you Miss Mary and I show it and make sure she knows it

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse - 3]
You take away all my bad times
Put a smile on my face through my sad times
Been down with me way before I had shine
I feel like I owe you half the cash from my rhymes
(I wasn't gonna talk about this here man but uhhh)
I used to abuse ya and try to missuse ya
We exchanged a bunch of blows back when I was a loser
You used to trip when I sang won't no more seeds
I had enough stress on my life please believe
I lost alot of paper when I moved you to Philly
Broke you off a bunch of green you had me trippin' but still we
Maintained to stick together through the ups and downs
And when I ain't have nobody else, you was around
It all worked out in the end you payed me back times ten
When I was broke on my ass you gave me cash to spend
And hit that highway with the pack of gin
And put me on my feet with the stacks of benze (Miss Mary)
I want you in my life 'till death do us part (Miss Mary)
Cause you've been down with a nigga from the start (Miss Mary)
You'r the only thing that can claim my heart
Miss Mary Jane you deserve more fame for your art

[Chorus 2x]
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