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Slim Thug - "Big Banka Man"

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Uh uh, Boss Hogg Outlawz
You already know who this is baby
If you don't, listen-listen

[Slim Thug]
It's the big banker man, with my nigga Anka Man
Got the diamond wrist band, with the drank up in my hand
I ain't playing man, I'ma pour it and I know it
Gotta beat it like green, unless the Slim Thug blow it
I'm a under-hog hogger, candy-dog dogger
Ask Webster, who the definition-ball baller
A shot caller, I'm the Boss of my team
In a drop Prowler, tricked out with screens
Said Story, so now the pretty girls adore me
Had a lot of dime pieces but now, they just bore me
Pain before glory, was the lesson I learned
Never got shit free, everything was earned
It's like cause and effect, if you grind you shine
And if you don't you won't, keep that on your mind
I'm getting mine nigga, see I follow the rules
I pay my dues, that's why I'm in the Boss man's shoes
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