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Slim Thug - "Bizness"

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[Slim Thug]
Rarely barely, seen in two different places
But I made a mistake, my best friend was fake
I had to separate, the real from the snakes
You broke my heart dog, with all that jealousy
I couldn't believe, the shit that they was telling me
I understand your pain, the whole scene changed
But it wasn't personal, it was a green thang
You was never left behind, nigga get that out your mind
But when you thought it was your time, you left me behind
I held my ground, and when your chance didn't go down
Nigga I got mine, and flipped the shit around
It still ain't no hard feelings, I still want you to get millions
But I just can't never see, me and you chilling
We headed two different ways, I'm still trying to get paid
Why you po'ing up blowing up, wasting your days

We use to get money together, pull honeys together
Pushing chromed out twinkies, in custom coached leather
You claim it's all love, but nigga it's whatever
Cause this is business, it ain't personal
Same dream, same team, same teams
We even told, to the same damn things
Ain't no rules in this war, for this green
This is business, and it ain't personal

Very Short D:
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