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Prison Bound

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Well, I'm goin' to a place where the tough guys go
And come out even tougher
A place where a man don't show his feelings
A place where a man don't cry

Well, they say I'm bein' punished
And they say I can be reformed
But some day I'll return
Did they really think that
This time it would work

You knew all along it wouldn't...

Oh, I'm prison bound
I did a crime one too many times
It's on the outskirts of town, by the railroad tracks
Where the country moon shines
Oh, I'm prison bound
Tell my girl I'll be back one day
Oh, I'm prison bound
I may never know any other way

Well, they take away my freedom of expression or action
Johnny says I'll walk the line
With three hots and a cot
And a lot of talk
With lock-up, concrete, and steel

Well it's cold and it's clammy
Man, it's colder than a pimp's heart
But I've gotta do my time
There's a lesson to be learned here
But what a price to pay

You know I may never learn-
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