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Dont Take Me For Granted

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I'm your worn in leather jacket
I'm the volume in your fucked up teenage band
A bag of smokes and a six pack
I'm the dreams you had walking down the railroad tracks
You and Me.

I'm your first taste of romance
I'm your first broken heart on a Saturday night
Guys like us ain't got no chance
But I'm the thing that keeps you and me alive
But not forever

So take me down the road
take me to the show
its something to believe in
that no one else knows
but don't take me for granted

I'm the blood on your guitar
I'm that wave you caught back in 1975
I'm as strong as a thousand armies
I'm as soft as petal on a long stem rose
I am love


I'm with you when you're born
You can take me when you die
With all the reasons why
But don't take me for granted
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