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Nickels And Dimes

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I'm a Cadillac tramp at the end of his road
a swap meet rat who's sitting on gold, yeah baby
I'm a guitar gangster without a tune
I'm the baseball bat that's waiting to swing
Your loan shark friend with the broken knees
I'm a penthouse pauper with nothing to do

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I'm chasing Nickles and Dimes
The rest of the world passes me by
Nah, Nah, Nah, Im just wasting my time
I'm just sitting here and wondering why?

I'm the high rolling creep that's in too deep
with the slicked back hair and the silver teeth, yeah baby
I'm a vagabond king with a stolen crown
I'm a jailhouse poet, a genius, a fool
I'm the pimp who lost his cool, yeah baby
I've got first class taste in a second class town

I'm a loaded gun that pointed at the mirror
A drugstore cowboy whose end is near, yeah baby
I'm a big time schemer with broken down dreams
I'm a derelict rebel without a cause
I ain't the cat with the sharpest claws, no baby
Cause sometimes life just ain't what it seems.

And just like you, I'm wondering why.
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