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Be On Your Way

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Just like an old man in a candy store, the riots across the street
The cold greets the newborn, the neighbors that never meet
No one's making plans here, no one knows for sure
The way to keep it inside, it's just one more dark opening for you

And whatever you do, when everything still seems new
It's sure to come to something to change the rest of your life

?? chance to feel normal, but now you're in too deep
Pacing, ?? circles around your eyes, the rest of the world's fast asleep
No sense of direction, no sense at all
No one there to break your fall, no one knows what's happening to you

I never quite got that through; I know what waits for you
I know ?? for something to do with the rest of your life

Stop looking over my shoulder, (it was a?) little bolder
You're going somewhere I might be on your way

This time I don't mean maybe
Nowhere I'd rather be
If you're coming with me I might be on your way

I saw you there on the corner with my name written all over you
I was trying to get your attention, it's all I ever wanted from you
Who will be the victim, who will be the host
Who will you take it out on for not being there when you needed them most

For you, I'm coming to terms with you
And you can pull me through,
I'm settling up with something to change the rest of my life
Something to do with the rest of my life
I need something to fear the rest of my (life's not in vain?)
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