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Take Manhattan

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Well she started out working for an Illinois assembly line
Not really what she wanted
Just dealing with the feeling when you're feeling like you wish it was fine
You just don't talk about it
And along came an offer from the city of steel
They were stranded at the airport she could barely believe he was real
So she said

Make it happen take me to Manhattan
If you like LA that's cool
Or you could slip me right on down the Mississippi
I'd go anywhere with you

Well, they met up on the river in the middle of the summertime
He was from out on the coast
And ever since he said he'd never stop until they got it right
It's what they wanted the most
He had been everywhere and she'd been alone
They were just looking for a place to call home

So he said
How about Manhattan we can make it happen
I'll do California too
I know it's iffy but how about the Mississippi
I'd go anywhere with you

Any old town will do
I could die in the flyover zone with you

Then they started their first argument
And the fighting never stopped
It's just the same old story
All the boys and girls who never figure one another out
Then all the tears started pouring
Then the map came off the wall
She started marking it with a red pen

Then she said
Well, take Manhattan where anything can happen
You take California too
Forever after with or without laughter
We got better things to do
Take Manhattan where anything can happen
You take California too
Take the planet you can fucking have it
Look out cause she's coming for you
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